Tay nắm cửa kính ROY Tay nắm cửa kính ROY
Chân trụ lan can cầu thang kính ROY Chân trụ lan can cầu thang kính ROY
Phụ kiện kính Roy Phụ kiện kính Roy

About us

ROY - Glass accessories specialist

ROY is one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of manufacturing glass door handles, glass railing pillar, glass staircase pillar and glass accessories in Vietnam. Currently, products bearing the ROY brand are present in most provinces and cities across the country through a system of distribution agents.

Customer feedback

I am an aluminum and glass worker. I know about ROY's products through agent and am very impressed with the quality of the company's handles and glass pillars. I have chosen ROY for many projects and my customers are very satisfied with the beautiful and sturdy design
Mr.Hao - Glass and aluminum worker
Ms. Hien - DELTA Construction Group
Good quality products, diverse designs, many distribution agents, so it is easy to get a reasonable choice. The after-sales service team is also very attentive and enthusiastic.
Ms. Hien - DELTA Construction Group - Branch manager
Ms. Thu Nga
My company has been using ROY Vietnam door handles for 3 years now. The product retains its beauty over time. I strongly believe in ROY's products and if I have the opportunity to build a new house, ROY will still be the first choice.
Ms. Thu Nga - Staff
Mr. Quang
I am an engineer, known about ROY Vietnam's products through construction projects installed glass doors. Roy has always been a supplier of good products, eye-catching designs, especially ROY has many agents so customers can find products easily.
Mr. Quang - Engineer
Mr. Tung
As an agent cooperating with ROY for many years, we see that your company always has appropriate policies for agents. Especially in terms of product quality because it is made in Vietnam, we are very assured in the safe and fast transportation.
Mr. Tung - Fouder - Long Nhu Thien Limited.,
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